Assign value from conditions based on a table

Hello everyone,

I’ve to set a value on a table using conditions based on a table. I try to better explain, this is the rule-table:

CustomerCode From To Value
3828 08/01/2020 15/01/2020 CA
905413 09/01/2020 16/01/2020 CA
12751 20/02/2020 02/03/2020 CB
3828 20/02/2020 02/03/2020 CB

In another table I’ve to verify the customer code and if the order date is between From–To, if the record satisfy every condition I’ve to set the field to CA/CB.

usually I’ll go with a function with nested if (if customer=3828 – if orderdate beetween a and b then CA), but I’ve got 50+ rules so I’m asking if is there another way to achieve this.

The “Interval Merge” action should do it. See the attached example:

interval-match.morph (4.3 KB)

See also: Rules on 2 or more tables

This software is awesome. Really: one of the best UX, alot of actions, and very intuitive: compliments!

Thank you :slight_smile: