Assign Parameters from table value

Is there a way to assign a parameter based on column values?

I would like to have a table that has the client name and month of data to run, e.g.

client_name month
Client 1 202308

Where I would create Parameters from the columns as follows:
Parameter: client_name Value: Client 1
Parameter: month Value 202308

I would then be pulling these Parameters into some of the about 100 tables I currently have in my project to pull certain months for certain clients.

I would ideally have approximately 20 Parameters to set up in this way, so not sure using Iterate would work?

Would I need EasyMorph Server to do this?

PS I know I could just update the Parameters in EasyMorph, but I'm trying to make it idiot proof!

Yes, the "Iterate" action does exactly that - assigns column values to the parameters (of the called module). Usually, the "Iterate" action is used for loops, but it can also be used on 1-row tables for parameter assigning.

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