Array dimensions exceeding supported range

The error in the topic box appeared when I changed the detail for a merged table, the job has previously run numerous times without error, though I have increased the number of transformations. Using plus licence.

What EasyMorph version are you using?

Can you post a screenshot of the error and the Merge transformation?

Thank you

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Thanks for getting back to me the Version I am using is This website will not let me upload a screenshot as the website restricts the size, width and height of the image.
This is the error returned when trying to upload

Don’t quite get the last thing I posted it returned an error and then when I pasted the error it uploaded the image anyway!

It looks like your merge goes wrong and produces a Cartesian product for some combinations of keys, instead of merging. This causes the resulting table to be too big – more than 1 billion rows, which causes the error.

Make sure that the linked key fields match – i.e. no trailing spaces, the same case, etc. Maybe try merging a small subset of data first in order to see where the merge goes wrong.

Thanks, I’d started again with this particular table and it worked, I’ve gone back and looked at the job as I’d saved a copy and the error was mine, I had referenced the wrong fields for the join as you’d picked up. Thanks for looking at the issue and sorry I could of saved us all a bit of time if I’d realised the error myself.

@keagles No problem! We’ll try to make EasyMorph produce a less confusing error message in similar cases.