Are there any plans in the roadmap for building non Windows-VM servers?

Are there any plans in the roadmap for building non Windows-VM servers? For example, using cross platform dotnet to allow for EasyMorph Servers that can run on a Linux VM or Linux Docker container?

The front-end tools are fantastic, and I understand that running the core server under Linux might not allow for all of the connectors / actions that a Windows system can support, but it would be a great option to have.

Hi Dave and welcome to the Community!

I understand the sympathy for Linux expressed by many people. I myself heavily used Linux for a few years before starting EasyMorph. Although, for now, EasyMorph remains Windows only as Windows is dominating the corporate environment throughout the world and lots of 3rd party software used by EasyMorph such as database drivers as well as popular authentication standards (e.g. Active Directory) are much better supported for Windows than for other platforms. For instance, Microsoft's standard SDK for on-premises SharePoint (used internally in EasyMorph) is strictly Windows-only.

In the middle-term roadmap, we're going to migrate the Server to .NET 6 (or 7). It will be an interesting exercise and will give us a better idea of what it might take to migrate EasyMorph Server to Linux.

So let's get back to this conversation after we've done the migration to .NET 6.

Yep, totally understood, and that's what I assumed. (That there are technical challenges and probably not platform parity due to external requirements.)

Good enough for me for now. Glad you are looking into it for the future. As an aside, have you done any testing with EM Server running on a Windows server docker image? If not, I'm going to be doing that myself over the coming weeks.

No, we haven't tried putting EasyMorph Server into a docker image. It would be great if you could share your experience when you try it.