Appending/Merging Data from one excel to another with a pivot chart and automate the Dashboard

test.xlsx (252.8 KB)
Datenbank Final.xlsx (8.6 KB)

Hi Everyone,

I am struggling a bit my Test.xls is a dashboard that is based on a pivot chart at the moment i create the final.xlsx with easymorph its a compilation of 12 different excels I get every month. Than i manually copy and paste it into my test.xlsx and update the pivot chart. Is there a way to automate this? I tried around and i cannot seem to get it done.

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Hi Ari and welcome to the Community!

In the Pivot table settings, check the “Refresh data when opening the file” option. That will make the pivot table update.


You can also insert data from an EasyMorph workflow using the “Export to Excel” action in the “Replace sheet” mode. See the “Inc5000” example that comes pre-installed with EasyMorph.


thank you for the answer unfortunately its not quiet what I meant. The provided Example does not Apply for me. I get new Values for every month and these are added into the pivot Database. I do not want to replace the previous Data. Furthermore I then want easymorph to run my macro which is possible to automatically email my xls. For this im looking for a way to automate the pivot through easymorph

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You can keep previous data by reading it in EasyMorph first, then append new data (e.g. using the “Append table” action), and only then replace the sheet as I suggested above.

PS. Sending an email is also possible with EasyMorph using the “Send email” action.

The append function did not work for me that’s why I opened a forum post … Will that automatically update the excel pivot from easy morph ? Sending an email from easy morph is possible I know but it’s pointless if the pivot is not updated automatically without opening the excel first

The “Refresh data when opening the file” option mentioned in my 1st reply forces pivot tables to update on opening. Did you try that?

unfortunately the merge and the append does not work. Whenever I append to the end of table it puts the current values under 31.12 even though its not.

the colums are the same it does not give me the option too append downwords because for example february as a moth is shorter than january…