api digest authentication

Hello all,
unfortunately I can not find a solution to my problem and turn to you dear easy morph community. In the forum and on the web I have not found a clue, whether it is possibly because of the possibility in easy morph fails or I just have not found the right way.
I have a problem with the api login, the login method “digest authentication”. I have already successfully connected other methods and I think I have some experience, unfortunately not with this method.
Thank you in advance for your support.
Best regards Sebastian

Hi Sebastian and welcome to the Community!

If you are trying to connect to a public API, can you post a link to the API documentation?

thank you very much for the quick feedback.

I have successfully tested digest authentication via postman.

Here is the documentation for the API V1 and V2 we are working.
If we want to use V3 we would have to update the software first.
Thanks in advance.

V1 V2
Introduction (xentral.com)

Hi @Sebastian_von_Borzyk

Currently, EasyMorph does not support digest authentication and I can’t think of an easy workaround to use it.

However, according to the documentation provided, a V3 API uses standard Bearer token authentication which is doable with EasyMorph

Starting from version 5.4.1, the “Web Location” connector support Digest authentication.
So now it is possible to use such authentication in WebRequest/IterateWebRequest/Import from Web API actions.

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