Any good practice to create space and user access?

Thx !

have you any good practice to create space and user access ?

It really depends on your goals. Can you elaborate on what you’re trying to achieve?

I have 2 goals :

  • An ETL part producing Datamarts by night, I isolated this in a specific user space locked by Password.

  • A self service query library where users will launch what they need. (i putted that in the default space)

The spaces share same connectors.

I planned 5 key users with the ability to use easymorph desktop and access datas from EM server. What is the best way to give them access to data and metadata ?

Yesterday i was making windows servicies to setup the ssh tunnels. It would be very nice to include SSH parameters in the connectors :smiley: (feature suggestion)


You can make a subfolder of the ETL space as the public folder of the Default space. In other words, make the public folder of one space becomes a nested subfolder of another space. In this case, the ETL tasks will be able to put files in the public folder accessible to users, but users won’t be able** to access the public folder of the ETL space.

Also, you can generate ETL outputs as EasyMorph datasets (.dset files) and store them in the public folder of the Default space (which is now a subfolder of the ETL space).

Users can trivially easy to load the datasets from Server in EasyMorph Desktop by pressing “Add data” → “Retrieve from Server”. A Server Link must be configured in Desktops to make it work.

See also:

** Unless the other space is run under a different Windows account, users will still be able to access it with actions in an EasyMorph project.