Any easy way to get all the unique values from all the columns of the data source?

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to understand if there's an easy of getting the unique value list of all or many columns of the data source in a downloadable or copy-paste enabled format.

If there are fewer columns then ofcourse it can be done for individual columns but the question is for 50s-100s of columns.

Any idea would be helpful.

Thank you!


You can use the "unpivot" transformation.
remove the 'Label' column and add a 'Deduplicate' transformation : you'll get the unique values over all the columns
if you keep the 'Label' column, you'll get the unique values by columns



Thank you, @cvo ! I think this will work for my purpose.

Just one more thing if you are aware of any action tool which will give the data type of the columns as well, please let me know. Table metadata has some of things but not the column data type.


Columns don't have a strict data type in EasyMorph. Every cell has its own data type. You can detect cell data types using the functions below:

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