AND error with latest version

Hi community,

Below formula was working fine since last 6 months but I did a version upgrade and getting the below error in EM. Could you please help me reconstruct the formula with correct syntax?

Error :slight_smile: if( and ([Team]=“Dormant”,
or ([Status]=“Not Prepared”,[Status]=“System Decertified”)

The correct syntax should be:

if( [Team]="Dormant" and
    ([Status]="Not Prepared" or [Status]="System Decertified")
    if([Team]="","TBA", if([Team]="TBA","TBA","ok"))

I highly recommend using the new IF/THEN/ELSE operator - it’s better for readability:

IF [Team]="Dormant" and ([Status]="Not Prepared" or [Status]="System Decertified")
    THEN "TBA"
       IF [Team]="" THEN "TBA"
          IF [Team]="TBA" THEN "TBA" ELSE "ok"

The Rule action is even a better fit for complex nested conditions.

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Thanks @dgudkov