Aggregate action to concatenate - does not concatenate in the same order


I’m using the “aggregate” action to concatenate the values in the column VALUECONC.


I group them by FEATUREID, and the separator is a line break.
However, when I perform the action, the values are concatenated in reverse order: the first that appears is “EV000154 - Other”, when it should be the last one:

Why is it not respecting the same order? (For some reason, in the second screenshot, “EV009241 - Flat rail” does not appear in the cell preview box, but it’s actually there).

Thanks very much,


It’s a known issue in EasyMorph. You can get around it, by enumerating rows in groups, and then sorting them in reverse order. For this:

  1. Use the “Enumerate rows” action to enumerate VALUECONC in groups defined by FEATUREID.
  2. Use the “Sort” action to reverse the order of rows in groups.
  3. Aggregate