Advise on implementing task based on database update trigger

Would it be possible to create as task that is activated by database update trigger?
I have dbo access (not sa) to "Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP1-CU15-GDR) " database.
What would be a best way to implement a EM task that is triggered by a database update/insert on a certain table (max 2000 records updated/inserted at a time)?

I am thinking to create temp table that contains the inserted or updated records (with DB trigger) then run the task continuously every few second for new record and and get them and in easyMorph and delete them after. Does that sound feasible?


You can call EasyMorph by command line from trigger.

But do it carefully. An EasyMorph task cannot be launched several times in parallel. You have to wait for version 5 for this feature.