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Additions to roadmap


Could I please request a couple of additions to the roadmap for future development (unless I’ve missed the existing functionality of course):

  1. Error handling, such that errors on actions can be captured and handled more easily.
  2. Adding an action that runs user defined code e.g. to performs actions on datasets


Hello Paul,

This is already on the roadmap for v5. Every group will be able to have a shadow workflow which will be invoked when an action in a specific table in the group, or any action in the group, fails.

Can you please elaborate on that one? How would you envision it?

Dmitry thanks for the quick response. great news on the error handling - when is v5 due for release?

Re the the “code” action, what I mean is an action into which you can write some form of script (VB, R, Python or whatever), that performs a task not already covered by built-in actions. I’m thinking something similar to a SSIS Script Task: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/integration-services/control-flow/script-task?view=sql-server-ver15#:~:text=The%20Script%20task%20provides%20code,using%20multiple%20tasks%20and%20transformations.

I appreciate this might be a pretty hefty thing to implement, but just curious on your thoughts on feasibility?

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Actually, where is the roadmap published? I searched earlier but only found an old one?

We already support embedded PowerShell scripting. Scripts can receive data from EasyMorph, and EasyMorph can capture the output of a script. See this tutorial article: PowerShell scripting

Our short-term roadmap is published on the download page: https://easymorph.com/download.html

Dmitry, thank you that’s very useful

Hi Pauls,

I support your request. I know EasyMorph is a graphical ETL-tool and I know that powershell scripting is supported but for data manipulation that fall outside the scope of the actions I think support for R/python would be a nice feature. Some other ETL-tools also support this.

Some more flexibility in some actions would be interesting as well like run an action based on a condition. Now we can only skip all actions in a table after the skip actions action. It would be nice if we could do this at the level of an individual action as well.

Other improvements: be able to perform operations on a bunch of columns without the explicit use of iterations or unpivoting. Be able to upload download actions from e.g. sharepoint, S3 using wildcards, etc.

Kind regards

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