Additional Date Functions

Not sure if this has been discussed before (it didn’t seem like it), but it would be useful to have a few more date/time functions.

In particular, something like EOMONTH (Excel) or MonthEnd (Qlik). When dealing with snapshot reports/extracts it’s common for the reporting date to just be a string (e.g. 2018-01) and sometimes you need to turn this into an actual date so you can use it in various other operations. Usually, I would set it to the end of that month.

This can currently be done by using makedate() with day = 1, adding a month, and then subtracting 1 day but it would be nicer if it could be done more directly.

Thanks for the suggestion – totally makes sense. We will be adding in v3.8.1 six new functions:

  • monthstart
  • monthend
  • weekstart
  • weekend
  • yearday
  • isoweekday