Adding rowsum over multiple columns to a table


Sometimes, it is very useful to calculate a rowsum i.e. a sum of values over multiple columns. In other programming langues like R, this can be achieved with an appropriate function.

Today I use a workaround by pivoting the table an using the aggregate function but this create addition derived tables. Will EasyMorph contain such features in the near future ?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s not on the product roadmap at this point, but we’ll keep collecting feedback from more users.

Hi Dimitry,

Is it possible to post a project how we can easily do rowsums (entire row or specific subsets) in EasyMorph?

The only method I can think off is to unpivot the dataset in some way to do this. It would be very usefull to have aggregation by row.

Sure! Post a sample dataset and the desired outcome and I’ll make an example.


I refer to How to replace in multiple columns based on condition - #3 by reynsnivea where I have posted an example where also a rowsum has to be calculated.

Kind regards