Adding new column via command line

I am converting excel to csv file format and this would be done via batch script.
In batch script would like to provide option to user to enter notes value. If the value for notes parameter is provided in the batch script the converted csv file will have this value.

For e.g.If Notes column already exists in excel then append the value with the user provided value in the batch script, else create a new column and add the user provided key in field.

Let me know the parameter/function to achieve this requirement in batch file.

Hi Raj,

you can specify parameter values when running an EasyMorph project from the command line. See here for details:

To add a column dynamically, use conditional branching.

See below an example that appends column Note if it didn’t exist in the sample dataset. The value of the appended column is specified using parameter {User note}. You can see how the project behaves differently when you disable / enable Step 2: Create Column in Table 1.

conditional-append-column.morph (4.1 KB)