Adding multiple views on ETL-process [DONE]

If I am not mistaking, currently it is not possible to have a birds eye view on the ETL process.
Could you add some different views to easily have an overview of the ETL-process ?
This would be very handy for large ETL-processes involving a lot of tables.
Additionnally a zoom to fit or something like that would also be handig as are a zoom in and zoom out button (or scroll).

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Adding a function to rearrange the tables of the ETL-flow would be usful so that tthe tables are nicely arranged in the window. Is such feature being implemented in the versions to come ?

No plans to implement anything like that so far.

If the workspace gets too cluttered try minimizing some tables (double-click the table title bar), and/or move table to other tabs in project.

Ok thanks for the response. Can I select multiple tables in some way ? I have tried with CTRL + click but it does not work. It would be handy to drag multiple tables at once in the window.

No, multiple table selection not possible.

+1 for Zoom functionality … “simple” ctrl/shift-scroll on top of workspace to zoom in/out to get full overview of processes/tables.

Hi Dmitry,

Does EasyMorph look at implementing these features in the near future ?
It should be nice to be able to zoom in or out in the workspace and to auto arrange tables to see the data pipeline more clear.

Kind regards

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Yes, we’re contemplating on some ideas how to implement a high-level overview. However, before that we will be introducing blocks in version 4. An iteration/subroutine will be able to use a block embedded into the same project instead of another project. Blocks should significantly reduce the need for creating sub-projects and will allow packing all the logic into one project in the vast majority of cases. While it won’t remove the need for a high-level overview at least it will reduce the complexity of administering multiple projects.

After the blocks are implemented we will start working on a high-level overview. But no specific timeline so far.

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Thanks for the response. I am looking forward to seeing this block concept implement as I have to create a lot of subprojects for more complex projects.

The addition of dependencies to the workflow diagram in v4.7 completes the series of improvements aimed to provide better visibility into complex workflows. As a result, EasyMorph now provides 3 views on a workflow, each with a different level of details:

  • The regular “tabbed” view provides a balanced view that combines both data and workflow.
  • The Analysis View provides a closer look at data with less emphasis on workflow. The view is akin to “zooming in” and is intended for data analysis and profiling.
  • The Diagram offers a high-level overview of a workflow (module). It is akin to “zooming out” and is focused mainly on workflow, its entities (tables), phases (groups), and dependencies rather than on data or individual actions. However, it’s still possible to jump from the Diagram to the regular view or the Analysis View in a single click.