Adding a IsBinary meta data column to the Table Metadata

Hello EasyMorph team

I'm really enjoying this tool.
I'm currently working on building a Data Quality Reporting project and just discovered the Table Metadata action. It gives great insight in utilization of entity tables and view - in my case in a ERP system.
Looking forward to how this develops, maybe by adding more statistical function besides the Min/Max.

My request is to ad a "IsBinary" column so I can identify binary columns that contain True/False, Yes/No, On/Off, 0/1 etc. These types of data columns can be hard to filter out since they never will be empty, and be a little tricky to distinguish from text columns.
One of my tasks is to find the unused Columns and and will require some calculation and filtering to see if it is a binary column or a text or number column with a fixed short/small value.

Hello John,

Thank you for the good words!
You can already identify binary columns using the "Distinct count" metric in the "Table metadata" action. When "Distinct count" is 2 and "Empty count" is 0, then the column is binary.

If you want to make sure these are not text columns, see whether "Text count" is 0 or not.

Hello Dmitry,
Thank you for the prompt answer.
And yes, calculations can always a way to assume a column is binary.
Some text columns could be wrongly interpreted if multiple values are allowed in the source but only 2 options are used. E.g.: Material types RM, FG & IM are allowed but only RM & FG are used in the dataset.
But the I just realized this action is used for analyzing the given dataset and not an underpinning data tables meta data :blush: