Adding a CI/CD pipeline build option for the .morph files


First of all I want to say that EasyMorph is a great tool, that I would recommend to everyone. As being a lowcode-nocode tool, it really lives up to the promise of being an easy to use tool (the use cases can be challenging however), really fast and scalable.

But one thing I think is missing, as being an ALM consultant myself, I would like to see a better source control integration (e.g. GIT).

Yes, you are able to check in the .morph files (when using TortoiseGIT I do not have to need to have an integration within the .morph editor itself), but when you review the differences between two commits, you will get a lot off false negatives. This prevents me from using seperate (topic) branches, PR’s and merges, next to the fact that I do not trust the native text merge within GIT, to be able to merge correctly a very complex xml file.

Next to having the .morph files, I would suggest implementing a .morphproj, where every module/group would be a (sub)folder and every table a seperate xml based file.
(the .morph editor should handle this .morphproj just the same)

Also the usersettings (like column display widths, what module/group is selected etc.) should be in seperate files with their own extension, so these can be .gitignored.

A seperate cmd util should be able to build the .morphproj to an actual .morph file, so this can be deployed to the server.

This is just a suggestion, that would make a super tool even a little bit more awesome :grinning: