Add a Find/Replace dialog in the Parameterized text editor

I’m working with some really long JSON strings in actions such as the Web request, where I can manually type in the body’s JSON-formatted payload.

Currently my workflow consists of copying the JSON payload from the Web request action, pasting it into Notepad, making my edits, and then copying and pasting it back into the Web request action.

It would be helpful to quickly navigate the JSON structure if there was a Find/Replace dialog, like what you would see in Notepad, so I don’t have to switch out of EasyMorph.

Thanks, I’m aware of the replace function, but that’s not what I was wishing for.

Try this - open Notepad, and on your keyboard press CRTL + F. That dialog box is what I’d like, but in the Parameterized text window of EasyMorph.