Action "FileCommand" CopyMoveFiles not working on EasyMorph Server

i want to move a file within a share-server path like “\”. With run external program and cmd-code “move” its not working because of the share path.
With the action “FileCommand” it works successful on the desktop version. If i want to run the project on the Server version the following error appears:

Coult it be that this transformation is not working on the server or has this action a problem with \ - paths?

Thanks & Regards,

Hello Michael,

the problem is not related to paths – in that case it would’ve been a run-time error. It looks like your Server version is behind the Desktop version and can’t read the project properly. Can you please update your Server with the latest version from our website:

You can see the Server version in Server logs. The Desktop version can be seen in menu About.

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thanks, that was the solution.