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Accessing sharepoint folders

A beta of version 3.9.5 with the SharePoint connector is now available. The download link has been sent to a few users in this thread for beta-testing.


The “SharePoint Command” action has now been officially released in version 3.9.5. Commands include:

  • List of files
  • Upload file
  • Upload list of files
  • Download file
  • Download list of files
  • Delete file
  • Delete list of files

How to correctly connect to a sharepoint site ?

I have tested this but I do not see all folders on the site ?
Does it work with the latest sharepoint office 365 as well?

Hi Nikolaas,

Were you able to connect to your non-Office 365 SharePoint server?

I’m still investigating that error which you sent to our support email.

SharePoint Online is supported but “Use Windows credentials” option is not working with it.

Hi Andrew,

I have sent you a mail. I could access our new sharepoint site.
I should retest the connection to our old sharepoint site (we are planning a migration soon…)

I shall come back to you when I have more info.


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