Accessed Denied Error - App Freezes

We are encountering an issue with a specific project that is fairly simple in nature. It reads a SFTP directory for a list of files and then passes the files to a module that uses a PowerShell command to either update a .zip archive or create the .zip archive. When the user tries to publish the project to the server, EM Desktop simply freezes and the project never publishes. So we had an IT users try to publish it and while it was successfully published, her EM Desktop also froze but with this error message stack:

Once you click the Close button, EM Desktop simply closes. I have attached the project as well. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

RTR Invoices EM.morph (9.6 KB)

UPDATE: In our instance, where upgrading EM Desktop to the latest edition did not succeed, a complete uninstall and reinstall seems to have corrected the issue for us for now.


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Thank you for posting a solution.