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Access rights at user level in a space

Hi Dmitry,

If I understand the server manual well, one can restrict access and functionality to a space on the server but it does not seem possible to differentiate authorization right between users of the same space ?

For instance, is it possible to have a read only access for person A to space X and a write access for person B for that same space ?

Kind regards !

Hi Nikolaas,

No differentiation between users is possible at this moment. Authorization by using Active Directory will be added in Q1-2019 – then it will be possible to specify users of a space explicitly using Active Directory records.

Currently, all users of a space have the same rights as it’s assumed they have similar roles. Although, you can create two spaces that point to the same public folder and/or the same repository connection and configure different access rights for the spaces. However, two spaces can’t share a task list.

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