Access DB issue


I tried to connect to EasyMorth and Access DB.
After selecting a table or query in EasyMorth front-end, such an error occurs:

Error: Could not retrieve column names or expression types:
ERROR [HYC00] [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]Optional feature not implemented
Source: Project ""

I tried to reinstall office and change table structute but this no helpful


Hello Evgeny and welcome to the community!

MS Access is not officially supported by EasyMorph.

But some of our users were able to import data from it.

Which SQL dialect have you specified in your connector? Please try the SQL:2003 dialect.

If you’ll be getting the same or similar error with SQL:2003 dialect - please try to use Custom SQL mode and just type in or copy-paste your SQL query to “Custom SQL query” textbox and press the “Run query” button.