A list of EasyMorph freelancers / consultants

As more and more people become more experienced with EasyMorph, and more and more organizations now use EasyMorph, some organizations might find themselves looking for an extra pair of hands to help with designing EasyMorph workflows. I would expect the need to become more frequent after the release of the Data Catalog.

Please post in this thread if you’re ready to provide help with designing EasyMorph workflows as a freelancer or consultant.

Please DO NOT post in this thread if you’re looking for someone to help. Instead, send DMs (direct private messages) to those who have posted here. To send a DM, click the person’s name (or avatar), then in the pop-up window that opens click the “Message” button (see an example below).


Further plans

If we see that the demand is growing, we might eventually create a new category “Marketplace”. For now, let’s use this thread.

Legal note

EasyMorph Inc is not responsible for and is not part of any agreements made between the consultants and the customers who found each other on this forum. If any disputes arise, they must be resolved between the parties, without involving EasyMorph Inc.

EasyMorph Inc doesn’t bear responsibility for the correctness of information provided by customers or consultants that use this forum.

I could offer my assistance at a reasonable rate for EasyMorph services. I have been using EasyMorph for the past 3 years and architecting complex workflows with it. I am a C# .net developer with about 17 years experience. Using EasyMorph, I have transformed an entire business that was using scattered tools and workflows into one centralized toolset. The visibility and ease of understanding where in the workflow things go wrong are what makes it a strong product. Feel free to contact me for any Easymorph questions/services you would need.

I am an ex-Alteryx developer who transitioned to EasyMorph (3 years now). I offer my workflow development services on several freelancing websites. With the addition of the Excel Command action, I can bring to bear my 13 years of Excel VBA skills to create start-to-finish workflow solutions for anyone requiring it. I’m happy to chat with anyone interested in or requiring an automated data workflow solution.

Hi, I am Seamus at Funds-Axis. We have been using EasyMorph to provide automated services for a number of years. We have a highly skilled team who have set up EasyMorph automated solutions, running hundreds of daily business processes. We are available to provide EasyMorph services to you. Our team is also crossed skilled in robotics and common coding languages so we can provide a wide range of integrated solutions to your projects. Please DM and I will set up a call to discuss in more detail.

Hi Justin, I’m interested but would like more information. How do I contact you?

Hey Rick, feel free to contact me on here via private message or via my personal email address dotnetwebdev6@gmail.com and we can work out a time to zoom call or google video to work out specifics on what you need help with. Thanks.

Hello All -
I can be of assistance for projects. You can hear me on a few of the tutorials posted on the EasyMorph Youtube and below is a case study and a webinar that we coordinated in implementing a cloud data warehouse + EasyMorph. I have a background as a Business Analyst, Data Analyst and Architect. Feel free to direct message me.

Please contact me at taj@yenom.ai for EasyMorph help I need.