406 Not Acceptable with Import from Web API

I used an Import from a Web API for months without any problems.

Now there is an error

Error: Server returns non successful status code: 406 (Not Acceptable)

If I use the test function within the connector configuration there is no error and a request via browser is also ok.

I asked the provider of the API, they told me that they haven’t changed anything.

Any idea (e.g. with headers) what I can try to solve the problem? The Response is JSON with UTF8.

kind regards

Hi @riegler-eConsulting

  1. Try to add the header Accept with value application/json or application/json;charset=utf-8. The default value is application/json, application/xml.
  2. Make sure that you didn’t add headers like Accept-Charset, Accept-Encoding, Accept-Language.
  3. Check your input data and data connector. Maybe you’re trying to access non-existing data or endpoint.
  4. Create action Web Request (or IterateWebRequest which allows column binding) with the same connector. Fill Path, URL parameters and Headers with the same values as in a WebAPI action.
    On the tab Response choose options Return response as the action result and Add columns with request headers, body.
    Make a request. A Response-Body should contain server response with error description or a valid json.
  5. Provide more details about the service that you are trying to use and api documentation to support@easymorph.com
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Thx a lot @ckononenko,
4. helped to identify the problem with the API provider.

you made my day!