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XML-rpocessing without a file


Hi community,

it seems that we finally solved our issue with connnecting to RabbitMQ and receive messages.
Our messages contain different types of information. Most of them are of type XML. To directly process them with easymorph, it is necessary to load the XML as a file. I wonder if it would be possible to process a XML message without storing and reopening as a file? :thinking:
Our desired way would be: Import XML message from RabbitMQ via Powershell and directly process the payload of the message similar to the XML file processing (but without having a file). Is there a chance to do so?


Hi Jochen,

in version 4.1 we will be introducing new actions to work with JSON and XML:

Parse XML
Import JSON
Parse JSON

“Parse XML” will do exactly that - parse XML data from a column in EasyMorph.


Sounds great!

Thank you for the information, Dmitry.