XML import issue

Hi, I’m trying to import an XML file and there is a section (Signature) that is causing an issue, I’m getting the ‘Path not found’ error. However if I remove the Signature section then I can import the file. I’ve attached a file with a piece of this section that is causing issues. Any ideas on what might be wrong with the section would be helpful.

EasyMorph Community Post 1.xlsx (71.5 KB)

Hi Carolyn and welcome to the Community!

Can you please post a screenshot of the “Import from XML” action that you use to import the file?

Here you go.

Hi Carolyn,

The Signature element has a default namespace specified. It’s possible that the namespace of the Signature is different from the default namespace of other elements. And EasyMorph doesn’t support different default namespaces of different namespaces which the same prefix.

But I can’t tell for sure without seeing the whole file. Is it possible for you to share the whole XML file with us? If so - you can send it to our support email. If no - please send us a screenshot of the first lines of the document and screenshots of any other elements which have the “xmlns” attribute.

Hi Andrew, I sent the XML file to the support email.


Hi Carolyn,

Thank you for the file. The source of the problem is that the root element (SetDTE) has no default namespace, but the Signature element has it. EasyMorph can’t import such XML files right now, but we will try to fix it and get back to you.

Hi Andrew, thanks for the update. Until a fix is ready is there anyway to remove/ignore the Signature element through EasyMorph? We really don’t need that element but don’t want to remove it manually since all our files have that.

Hi Carolyn,

The fix is ready. You can get the updated version at our download page.

The “Import from XML” action will now ignore non-root elements which have default namespace and all attributes its and descending elements.