When create a new project, not to close current one

Hi EM team,

When I’m working in project A, and I would like to create a new project, current EM will close project A and then create a new project.

Could we not to close project A?


BR. Cam

Hi, BR Cam;

I know this doesn’t exactly resolve what you’re looking for, but if you keep the EasyMorph app pinned in the Taskbar, you can right-click it and select “EasyMorph” to fire up a second (and more) instance of the app without closing the one(s) that is/are already open.

(I have it pinned, myself, but assume if you have a workflow open, the EM icon should be in the Taskbar already, and you can right-click it - without pinning it first.)


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Thanks CraigT, now I learn your trick, it works well. :slight_smile:

To learn more about EasyMorph visit easymorph.com.