What is the simplest method for multiplying time fields?

I have a csv file with a column of times in format HH:MM and the number of times this value occurs

Which is the simplest method of getting the total amount of time for each row, preferably without involving expressions or converting the time format to decimals?

As a side note: as a EasyMorph novice who works with dates and time a lot, I’m a little surprised there don’t appear to be any specific transformation steps for converting or working with these data types. I think that would be a really useful feature for a future release! Hint, hint :wink:


Hi Mark,

dates and times can be dealt with using functions (see section Date functions in our web-help).

There are no dedicated functions to deal with times though – a note taken about it. However, it’s still possible using the date functions and some math.

See the example below.
time-multiplier.morph (3.1 KB)

Many thanks Dmitriy!
I really appreciate the fast response and the sample morph files help tremendously. I would have never been able to figure out that solution!

You’re welcome, Mark!

PS. It takes a bit of learning but I believe it’s not so complex once one gets more experience with EasyMorph. I’m happy to help!