Use Microsoft Access ODBC as input: blank error

Hello everyone,

I’m using an ODBC with Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb) version 16, but it happens that Easymorph has some trouble managing it. The first activity I do with an action that use this ODBC, runs well, but the second time it make EM freeze in the “Still working …” window.

As example:

  • I run the “Import from database” action: it shows me the recordsets;
  • If I try to re-run it, EM will be strucked in the “Still working…” window.

As example 2:

  • I enter the “Import from database” action and it show me the visual UI where I can modify the import;
  • I press OK (and then apply, if I modified something);
  • From here I can’t do anything with this action. If I try to run it. it’ll be strucked on the “Still working …” window, and if I try to enter in the visual UI to modify the import, it shows me this error:
Error: Could not retrieve table names:

Source: C:\MyPath\MyMorph.morph

I resolved this with a custom SQL (SELECT * FROM MyTable), in that way I can re-run the import everytime without problems.

I hope this can help to find the cause of this issue.

Hello Andrea,

What is the size of your Access database file?
How many tables does it have?
How many columns and rows does the table that you are trying to import have?

When EM freezes in the “Still working…” window, is it possible to stop the execution of the project by pressing the “Stop” button?

Database size: 144Mb
Table count: 22
Selected table columns count: 54
Selected table rows count: 150.000
Is it possible to stop the execution: I can press “Stop”, it becomes disabled but the elaboration continue (and never ends)

Andrea, thank you for the details.

Unfortunately, I can’t replicate this error with a similar size table.

Can you please check that you are using a 64-bit ODBC driver?

If so - is it possible for you to share that database with us? You can send it to our support email.

I confirm that is a 64bit driver. I’ll contact your support by mail.