Uploading folders to EasyMorph server


Is it possible to upload entire folders to EasyMorph server instead of uploading file by file?
It would be handy if users could upload the entire project folder to their dedicated space on the server ?

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You can upload multiple files at once by selecting them and then dragging into the browser.

What’s the easiest way to migrate a project from the desktop tot the server knowing that these are on a different machine.

Currently I just copy the local projectfolder to the server. We are working with different EasyMorph users who can design ETL-flows in EasyMorph desktop on their local machine.
Maybe it is to risky to allow alle users to the server for copying over their project folder.

With the publish button in EasyMorph you only can copy the EasyMorph project in which you are currently working. So when you have multiple files, it is not so practical.

It would be nice if users could copy their entire project folder to the space on the server using the webbrowser I guess ?
How do most people migrate their project folders to the server ?

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