Update sharepoint issues


I am working on a job that would update lines in a Sharepoint list based on a database query.
The job is set to first import all columns from the list, pick values from one column and run a select statement with the value id towards a sql database.
Based on the returned value, i would like to update another column in the same Sharepoint list.
As an example, i am running the first part of the job and it selects ID 556789
I run a select status when ID = 5556789 query and, if it returns “Archived” i am trying to use “Update/Delete rows in Sharepoint list”
-Update rows
Row IDs - ID
Lookup - expect values, link automatically
Column names - manually mapped, ID to ID, status to status.
The error i keep getting is :

" Error: Item does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.
Source: action “Update/Delete rows in SharePoint list”, module “Module 1”, table “Imported table 2"”

I am certain i am doing something wrong but cannot understand what, could i ask for a recommendation regarding how to use the Update rows in Sharepoint list or if anyone else encountered this error ?

Thanks in advance !

Kind regards,

Hi @mihaim4

The most likely explanation for the error is that there is indeed no Item in the SharePoint list with the given ID.

To confirm whether an item with that ID exists, you can visually double-check by using the Import SharePoint List command.

Additionally, please check that both the Import and Update/Delete commands use the same connector and list name. Make sure that you are not accidentally trying to update values in one list using IDs retrieved from another list or using another connector.

Hi Olysak,

Yes, that is what puzzles me. I’ve created a new list in a test site. I’ve populated it with the same content as the production environment.
I am importing the same list in all actions, also, checked that the line exists in the list.

I managed to find the error, as i feared, it was something i missed. i did not select to import the lists unique IDs and the matching was done based on those, not on my custom ID column:
I am updating the statuses value for the list’s individual ID based on selections with values from the Title column.
I updated my job and ran it,all works as it should.

thank you again for the reply !
Kind regards,