Update database table when it fails

What happens if the update database table actions fails ?
Does it roll back all already updated records ?

I had a strange situation in which the update process was run (no errors) but when I looked at the database, there were no updates present. I must say that few moments later, the database volume was full. Would that also mean that no updates were performed ?

Hi Nikolaas,

Yes, the Update database table action tries to rollback all the updated records in case of an error. It also tries to rollback changes when it’s being stopped.

As for the action behavior when database volume is full - I haven’t tested such case but it’s unlikely that database just silently ignores update commands when the volume is full. You can try to check database logs in order to understand what actually happened.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the update on “update” :slight_smile: !

I have checked the database with some query’s and it appears that no updates have been performed. So that seems to be OK.

Kind regards