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Unknown column at export action

Hi! We have an unknown column error at database export step, however the column is there.
It’s a calculated and then aggregated field merged from a different table.
The column exists in the target database as well, so everything looks fine but still we have this error.

Hi Mihaly,

What database you are working with?

Can you please:

  • Make that the error appear again
  • Go to menu “About” and press “Diagnostic information.” It will open a dialog with diagnostic information.
  • Copy contents of both tabs in that dialog and send it to our support email.

Hi Andrew,

I sent you the logs via email to sales@easymorph.com. Both the source and target databases are MySQL.

Hi Mihaly,

Thank you for the logs. It seems that that error is triggered by an INSERT query.

Can you please try to run the following query on the same database from the Database command (Custom command) action or from some third-party tool and see if it will give you the same error:

INSERT INTO your_table_name (`arfolyamertek`) VALUE (147300.00000)

Please replace the table name with your actual table name and add all the other required columns from that table to the query.

Mea culpa… We had a broken trigger on the table and it was the root cause, however the error message was really misleading.

We fixed the trigger, and now its working as expected :slight_smile:
Sorry again!

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