Unable to Iterate to Module with SharePoint Connector?


I’m attempting to use the new SharePoint Command/Connector. As the List files SharePoint command does not allow you to parse subfolders, I have 2 modules, Module 1 which obtains a list of potential folder names, and then passes that through an Iterate Command to Module 2.

Module 2 takes the current folder name as a parameter into the “List Files” SharePoint command.

However, even though I can go to module 2 and run the sharepoint command there with the dummy parameter data fine, Module 1 throws an error saying that Module 2 doesn’t have a connector name defined.

I’ve confirmed that the connector is defined Module 2, and is set as a project connector that tests correctly. I’ve also tried a shared connector, with the same issue.

I have attempted selecting the connector in the command itself, and using both type of parameters. All 3 settings work fine in Module 2, but give the same “Connector name is not specified” error when running the iterate command from Module 1.

Is this an issue with the SharePoint command, or am I somehow declaring the connector name wrong?

Hello @Silver-Streak,

Thank you for reporting this. It’s a bug from our side and we are going to fix it.

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@Silver-Streak, the bug has been fixed.

You can get the updated version from our download page: https://easymorph.com/download.html