Trying to create too many rows

We are getting this error of “trying to create a table with too many rows”

We have 34m rows in our project, and the actions where the error is coming up is pretty random - on a) filters (which if anything decrease the number of rows and a) merge - but its one match merge, and cannot increase the rows.

It looks like a bug. I am on slightly older version of EM, but my colleague is on latest and he gets same errors.


This is not a bug, it’s a limitation that will be lifted in v4.5 to be released in a few weeks.

Try splitting the source dataset into 2 or more smaller datasets, process them individually, and append the results, if needed.

When we re-run it, the error often goes away.

Its popping up and then it goes away. The actions where the error occurs do not create more rows.

Got it. I’ll forward the topic to our development team. Someone may reach out to you for more details.

Hi Robert, can you please check if you have enough memory on your machine to execute this project? You can check this in task manager at the execution time.

yes, it was a memory issue - for some reason the compression mode had been turned off on that project, and so it started throwing up these errors, because indeed memory was being maxed out.

thank you