Template Literals like in Javascript

Hi there,

Any chance of getting template literals implemented like in Javascript? In Javascript you can use back quotes and and pass variables within the string without all the segmented out text concatenation. It looks like this This is text and this is my variable ${variable}

I feel like this would be a neat feature and save a bit of headache when concatenating text and variables together.


While there is no general-purpose action for templating in EasyMorph, it is supported in a number of actions. For instance, in the “Web request” action, you can do templating when the body type is set to “Text”. See below.

Thanks! I did not realize this could be done here. Very good information. I thought only hardcoded text was available here. I appreciate the reply!

My apologies for the immediate follow up. I see this is available for the Web Request action but not available on the iterate web request action. Is there anything that would cause trouble on having it there as well?