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Tagging workers


at the new server version 5.0, we have the possibility to use more workers for different spaces. We want to use this for encapsulating different areas.

As we use the same user for all of these processes, you have no possibility to see which worker I choose to assign to a space.

Would it be possible to use a tagging at the worker definition (analog to the tags at dynamic licenses) and show these tags at the space security definition?


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Hi Jochen,

I’m curious why do you use multiple workers that run under the same Windows account? What’s the intention behind it?

The intention is to encapsulate important projects. If one worker is quitting (e.g. because of running out of RAM), it won’t stop other projects which are running under another worker. We want to reduce side effects from other areas by that.

Hmm… All workers run on the same machine. If one worker runs out of memory then all other workers run out of memory too. What’s the assumption here?

That’s right.
I relate to your mail from 25.Feb. where you suggested to use different agents in order to isolate problematic projects more quickly.
We have different departments working on the machine and we want to use one worker for each department, When one of the workers freezes, we can easily reduce the amount of possible projects which could be responsible for the freeze.

Starting from version 5.1.1 that will be released by the end of this week, it will be possible to configure optional labels for workers to distinguish workers that run under the same Windows account.

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