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Tableau new extract format: Hyper



Tableau 10.5 uses a new extract format called “hyper”.
Will EasyMorph be able to export a .hyper one day?



Hi Michel,

EasyMorph will surely support exporting to the .hyper format one day and that day is not too far. Definitely before the summer.


Just to share some of my experience here - I would advise against publishing TDEs from EasyMorph to TableauOnline or any 10.5 Server instance. Create a local TDE then use Tableau to upgrade it to Hyper before publishing. With the former (direct publishing) workbooks were crashing on me within Tableau Desktop with workbooks connected to Tableau Online.



The Relase_notes_v3.8.2 say “_Tableau SDK drivers have been updated to the most recent versions”. Still no hyper?



Short answer
No support for .hyper yet.

Long answer
The SDK library for .hyper files currently offered by Tableau would add 300MB to EasyMorph. This would triple the size of EasyMorph installer. Basically, 90% of the entire EasyMorph binary code would be just one feature – export to Tableau .hyper. As we would like to keep EasyMorph lightweight and not enterprisey, we’ve decided to postpone support for exporting to .hyper until Tableau offers a more compact SDK library. I have a feeling that currently Tableau includes into the SDK the entire Hyper database engine, while only the file export feature is necessary.


Thanks Dmitry!