Substring Query

Trying to do a lookup from one table to the loaded table. Issue is when I try to do a lookup the exact name won’t be the same so i want to do something like in SQL where Database1.Name LIKE

Better example:
Name loaded is “Apple Hill Incorporated”
In the Database where I’m looking up has “Apple Hill”.

Somehow I need to be apple to grab x number of words like maybe the first two and do a lookup using where LIKE %first two words%

so LIKE %Apple Hill% (like sql)

Is there a way to do that?


Also just so its clear…

Database Name could also be Apple Hill Inc for instance, So i’m do a like of the first two words loaded “Apple Hill” instead of “Apple Hill Incorporated” and doing the like to database of Apple Hill and so it finds Apple Hill Inc.


Can you please clarify, do you need to lookup from an EasyMorph table to another EasyMorph table or to a database table?

So I have an XML file linked into EZ Morph which contains the name of a company for instance. I have also linked into EZ Morph my table in SQL. The problem is since I’m not sure how the name of the company will come in I want to connect the two tables using a lookup but a subset of the lookup. So that the lookup isn’t a direct A=B but subset of A inside of B.


You can try to use the “Match” action with the “Contains” or “Starts with” modes. And then use the “Lookup” or “Merge” action if needed. Something like this:

LookupWithContainsFunction.morph (3.2 KB)