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Status Transformation


Would it be possible to get an understanding of what hos to use this transformation?



The Status transformation

This transformation updates project execution status with a custom message (can be calculated as expression). It works differently on desktop EasyMorph and EasyMorph Server.

To demonstrate how it works, here is a sample project:

status.morph (1.6 KB)


When we Reload & Run (Ctrl + F5) the project this is the result:

As you can notice, the status message in the run progress dialog changes when a Status transformation is reached. When no Status transformation present in project or its sub-projects, then the default status message never changes.


Now let’s see what happens if we run the same project on Server:

On Server, the transformation does two things:

  1. Updates the task status in the web console.
  2. Writes status messages in the task log (see below)


The Status transformation can be helpful on various occasions:

  • Indicate milestones for long running projects
  • Since status messages from called/iterated subprojects are also displayed, it allows creating status messages that would indicate progress of iterations (e.g. “10 files processed out of 123”, or “Processing: 12-May-2017”) which can help estimate total run time
  • Log particular messages or custom warnings into task logs (e.g. number of dates processed, data quality metrics, etc.). Such messages can later be parsed and necessary actions taken.
  • Estimate execution time of a transformation or a chain of transformations in a project. In this case Status transformations can be used to record start/end times.
  • Log values of calculated parameters (input parameters are logged automatically in the task log).
  • Create audit records with file names or database tables modified.