Skip files when importing multiple uniform excel files


Is there a way how to skip an excel file when importing multiple excel files using import uniform excel files option?
Some of our files do not have a specific sheet. It would be nice if we could skip those files an keep a log of the erroneous files for manuel editing.


You need a complex logic. Loading multiple files in one action is for simple cases and won’t work here.

I would suggest generating a list of Excel files to load, then iterating across it in the “Iterate and append” mode. The iterated module can do the following:

  1. Use the “Spreadsheet metadata” action to get a list of sheets.
  2. If all the necessary sheets are present then load the spreadsheet.
  3. Otherwise, export the file name into a log file using the “Export to delimited text” action in the “Append” mode.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks !

We have indeed done something like that after some experiments.

Kind regards