SharePoint Connector (Command); How to get to it

how to get to the SharePoint Command. I have a SharePoint Connector in Connector Manager. Now I want to import Excel file from SharePoint. From the Start or Main Menu how do I add a import from SharePoint? And they I hope that will ask me for my SharePoint Connector I have setup.

Hi Ronald,

you need to download the Excel file from SharePoint to your local drive using the “SharePoint Command” action located in category “Workflow/External”.

Once the file is downloaded, you can import it regularly using the “Import from Excel” action.

Looking for an update on the SharePoint Online functionality? Any update since Oct 2020, User maintain entries in a Excel Spreadsheet within SharePoint Online. We want to import all entries to get started to SQL Server Database Table; and then on going want to only get new spreadsheet rows. the spreadsheet has a Date column. Do we still have to Download the Excel from SharePoint or does the ELT tool connect configured to a table in the spreadsheet for specified columns (the Table) able to specify a date column. Then a daily job would grab rows and update SQL Table from Spreadsheet.

Hi Ronald,

I’m not sure I understand your question.

EasyMorph doesn’t have an exact transformation to import a table with a Date column from a spreadsheet stored in a SharePoint folder. But it has enough actions to easily arrange such import. Importing a table from a spreadsheet, downloading a file from a SharePoint folder, doing incremental load – all is currently possible with EasyMorph. I don’t see why it can’t be done.