Shared Connector requires DSN on all clients


A colleague set up a Shared Connector in the repository for AWS Redshift.
When I try and load the project on my computer the connector cannot be found.

Can someone please confirm my assumptions below?

  1. Every client machine will need a DSN set up with the name of the shared connector
  2. The server will need a DSN set up too so that the project can run there

We thought perhaps if the shared connector was set up, all users could just include it without having to set up a DSN on their machine and without having to issue privileged credentials to the user. Is that possible?


Yes, both of your assumptions are correct.

Redshift requires an ODBC driver. Therefore, it must be installed and configured on every machine that needs to access Redshift. This is not because of the EasyMorph designed, it’s the way ODBC technology works in general.

A shared EasyMorph connector only specifies a name of Redshift ODBC connection that is configured in Windows, but not the connection settings themselves.

Theoretically, it may be possible to create ODBC connections remotely using a PowerShell script, but I’ve never done this.

Hi Dmitry,
Thanks for your quick response.

That makes perfect sense and glad to hear we are using the shared connector correctly.