Set column to empty value when no data?


I have an issue when I run a sql server query, and write results out to excel. The issue I’m having is the person that uses that excel spreadsheet Applies their macros to the spreadsheet data, and part if there logic starts by saying Ex. =IsEmpty(D2)
The prblem is even though it looks like the cell is empty, it actually has a space in it’s for the first character and that is breaking their macros because the cell is not Empty. So I think what I’m asking for is a way to say if no data the set to empty. Any advice?

Thank you in advance

I ended up using sql server to set the value of the columns I wanted set empty.
So my sql logic was like so:
WHEN LEN(D.testcolumnname) = 0 THEN ‘EMPTY’
ELSE TRIM(D.testcolumnname)
END AS [testcolumnname]

Then in EasyMorph I used the modified column action and for each field I needed I put this in it: if( testcolumnname] = ‘EMPTY’, empty(), testcolumnname )

The empty() for the output is what I needed. Looks like it’s working. Any cleaning ideas are welcome lol.

You can use in EasyMorph an expression like below:

IF len(trim([Data]))=0 THEN empty() ELSE [DATA]

Thank you, that is cleaner then my approach :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!