Renaming Files or Copying File with Parameters

So now that I have the file loading based on the xlsx loading with the search of the file, whats the best way to rename and make a copy of the file as a backup? Can I export it with parameters? Thinking of a static string with a GetDate() command to keep it unique. Basically i’m grabbing a file for a static location, want to make a copy of it to a backup location. When I try to use the copy it wants a specific file and location. If i export and use parameters would that work?


If you use the approach for loading the file described here: Loading an XLSX file with a token, you will have a 1-row table with the loaded file name.

Use the “Copy list of files” and “Rename list of files” commands of the “File command” action to copy/rename the file which name is specified by the 1-row table.