Rename column name comparing with set of Values

Hi, I need help in renaming a column name with set of conditions.
Ex: Amt, AMNT, AMount, AT , has to be modified as Amount.
Input can be any one of the above and the output column name has to be Amount. Please help.

Same way, need to remove column’s in a file where the condition should be set as, except a set of headers, rest should be removed.

Thanks in Advance.

Use the “Rename with lookup” action with a 2-column table where the 1st column contains all the possible names (Amt, AMNT, AMount, AT, etc.), and the 2nd column contains the correct name (Amount).

Just use the “Select columns” action if you know the header names in advance. If the names of headers are obtained dynamically you can use the “Select columns with lookup” action.

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