"Remove empty rows" actions - don't want to delete rows with whitespace


The “remove empty rows” actions is not working correctly for me - I want to delete all rows that have empty values in all columns except column “id”. If there is a whitespace instead of empty, I want to keep that row.

So in the following example:

I want to delete the first and third row, and keep the second, as it has a whitespace in column “commercial description”.

However, when I use the action “Remove empty rows” where only the empty rows should be deleted (not the ones with whitespace), it also deletes the second row in the example, that has whitespace.

And row with id “0069178004” with whitespace in column “commercial description” is no longer there. Why could this be happening?



Hi Roberto,

in this case “whitespace” means transparent characters such as space, or tab. In your example, the second line probably contains zero-length text values and therefore qualify as “empty values” while, strictly speaking, they are not the empty values (nulls). So effectively, the action works in two modes:

  • Remove rows where values have zero length (which technically include the empty values and zero-length text values).
  • Remove rows where values have length >0 and consist of transparent (i.e. whitespace) characters.