Remove all columns


Sometimes I want to remove all columns. It appears that when we use the remove columns action and select all columns, that when the dataset is expanded, the new columns are not detected and thus stay in the data after the remove columns action.

To remove all columns in such a case, I used the unpivot action since it always gives back 2 columns and I can thus remove those two columns to clear the dataset.

It would be nice to have an action that accomodates to changing input dataset dimensions so that we can clear all columns at once.


The simplest and fastest way to produce an empty dataset (i.e. remove all columns) is to use the “Generate sequence” action (with 1 row) and then remove the generated column.

Alternatively, select only 1 column which you know always exists, and then remove it.

No need to use “Unpivot” because it can be a heavy operation.

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Good idea about the selection one always existing column…!

Hi Nikolaas,

The other solution would be to abandon the whole dataset altogether by splitting the table into two separate tables (second table should not be derived from the first table) and adding Synchronize action to the second table.